Shape and Contour Your Face and Neck with VShape Ultra

•No Surgery
•No Pain or Side Effects
No Down Time
Just Real, Long-Lasting, and Noticeable Results

What is VShape Ultra?

VShape Ultra is the very latest in noninvasive technology to shape and contour your face and neck and Nuvell Clinics are the very first providers in Arizona to offer this new, exciting, and revolutionary treatment. This multi-platform utilizes JuvaShape RF therapy along with ultrasound to painlessly tighten your facial skin and eliminate any excess fat. VShape Ultra is a safe, noninvasive procedure and there are absolutely no side effects or downtime.

Skin Tightening – Collagen regrowth and strengthening resulting in tighter skin

Facial Contouring – Face and neck sculpting in 20 -30 minutes

Lifting – Remove excess skin with no pain


The Vshape Ultra facial contouring platform integrates ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) technologies into one noninvasive procedure that will achieve superior results for removing unwanted fat, tightening the skin, reduce and even eliminate wrinkles, and beautifully contour the face and neck.




*Results may not be typical


How Does it Work and How Many Treatments are required?

Patients who are treating their face and/or neck will require 4 sessions spaced approximately 2 to 3 weeks apart. Each session will be 30 to 60 minutes. There is little if no pain and most patients report a warm sensation similar to a hot stone massage. There is no downtime and most patients resume their daily activities immediately.

How Long Until I See Results?

You will begin seeing results immediately after your first treatment session.

Is the Procedure Safe?

Yes. VShape Ultra is the world’s safest procedure for facial contouring and fat removal. There are no injections, drugs, side effects or pain.

*Results may not be typical

How Long Do The Results Last For?

VShape Ultra therapy gives you a long lasting outcome. Most patients will return periodically to maintain or further enhance their results.

How Long Do I Have To Wait Before Returning To My Normal Routine?

You can resume normal activities immediately as there is absolutely zero downtime. Many patient’s have the procedure performed during their lunch break and then return to work looking refreshed and vibrant.

*Results may not be typical

Is The VShape Procedure Painful?

VShape Ultra uses IN-Motion technology that gradually heats up the body to assure that you feel no pain. In fact, many patients describe the treatment as being very relaxing and feeling like a hot stone massage.

What About Botox And/Or Fillers?

Although this therapy can be be used in place of or in combination with injectables, patient satisfaction is our ultimate goal here at Nuvell Clinics. Our providers are highly trained and experienced in both areas and during your initial consultation we will be able to address all of your concerns.


Pixel (RF) Radio Frequency Fractional Resurfacing using the Alma vShape.

Pixel RF is a combination of ablative resurfacing and non-ablative that works by stimulating your collagen. It helps to eliminate fine lines and deep wrinkles thus allowing  our patients to look up to five years younger after just one session!

Fractional laser treatments bridge the gap between the non-ablative and ablative techniques that are used for reducing stretch marks, aging skin, scars, and skin that has been damaged by the sun. With this technique we are now able to work on both the surface  and the mid layer of skin.

 How can I find out if Vshape Ultra is right for me?

Simply call our clinic and speak with one of our program coordinators or, even better, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation with no obligation. 480-459-5262